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The world-first ultra-lightweight composite fully extendable handmade digging tool with interchangeable blades

This is a version that comes without footpegs.

(Please note product image is for demonstration purposes only)

included is one complete product with specified blade.

The digging tool stem is made from composites that are specially made for this application. The blade is made from high tensile steel and the handle from moulded hardened plastic to keep the weight down. All the materials used are sourced in the UK. Each digging tool is hand-made and assembled in the UK so please allow for discrepancies in height to within 1cm however, all efforts will be made to have the product exactly.

  • Interchangeable Blades More coming soon …. 
  • Carbon Hybrid shafts
  • Lightweight only 2.5 pounds (weight will vary according to the digging tool head)
  • Strong and durable
  • Telescopic to reduce back strain
  • Footpegs for stability (depending on head)
  • Splits into 3 pieces for easy storage and packing
  • The standard height for the HYB3 is 1100mm
  • Position heights from blade to handle
  • 1st position 1100mm, 2nd position 1090mm, 3rd position 1130mm, 4th position 1170mm, 5th position 1210mm, 6th position 1245mm
  • Spade without handle 790mm (blade attached)
  • Blade height 200mm (standard blade as shown in pictures)
  • Blade width 125mm (standard blade as shown in pictures)
  • Handle stem without shovel 560mm (handle attached)Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before placing your order

Please note that all mk3’s come with the newly designed type 1 style blade with footpegs as          seen in the gallery images. We will be updating our images soon.  Thank you for choosing            us.