About Megraphta

After a serious accident and the resulting spinal injuries, I needed to find a digging tool that was lighter and easier to dig with.

However such a digging tool didn’t exist!

So I set to and designed a new digging tool to get me out digging again. The result is the Megraphta world first and original Hybrid 1 digging tool.

When we refined our designs we knew we needed to enlist the best partners in the industry to realize our dreams, we approached specialist companies who deal with making composites to ensure the digging tool shaft met our needs. 

The result is a digging tool shaft that is made of an extremely light hybrid composite that is baked and hardened and is extendable to save crouching and digging. We talked to people with disabilities and problems with conventional spade designs to make sure we’d succeeded in making their digging easier.

They were unanimous in their support for the digging tool.  So after testing many alternative designs our final design was settled on – the new Megraphta digging tool!

So what about the Future of Megraphta?

Our aim now is to make additional tools. So you’ll soon be able to say… I can dig it with Megraphta!